Bellingham Special Olympics is always looking for volunteers to assist with our program. Whether you are a seasoned coach or have no experience at all, you are welcome to come help our athletes. All we look for is passion to make a difference. The most important job for our volunteers is to provide direction and encouragement to each athlete. Your presence alone can make a difference.


Swimming (Spring) – Help an athlete learn the basics of swimming with the support of a coach. Help the coach time swims. Come prepared to be in the water.

Soccer (Spring) - Help athletes with dribbling, scoring, and playing team defense. A great opportunity to teach and encourage teamwork.

T-ball and Softball (Summer) – Help athletes with throwing, catching, batting and learning the rules of the game.

Bowling (Fall) – Help athletes find a bowling ball and a lane. Help the athletes determine when it is their turn to bowl.

Flag Football (Fall) - Help athletes with throwing, catching, and playing in a team sport environment.

Basketball (Winter) – Help athletes with dribbling, passing, shooting baskets and learning the rules of the game.

If you have interest in becoming a Certified Coach in any of our sports, please contact us at admin@sobellingham.org.


(1) Check out our Athletic Calendar to see if our scheduled practices and events fit your schedule.

(2) Complete these volunteer/coach registration requirements.

(3) Come to practice!

For more information on volunteering, please email us at admin@sobellingham.org or contact us here.

That's it! Thanks for your interest in becoming a Bellingham Special Olympics Volunteer! We hope to see you soon!